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Paper pallet carton
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Paper pallet carton

NameGPaper pallet carton


Paper pallet carton

Character Specification Suitable Industry  
Use The Special Way
  1. It is based on a cross weave which can strengthen the tensile and pulling force on the all surface.
  2. With beam strength in four directions, not only vertically and horizontally two directions.
  3. It is a firm and solid frame making up of several cross beams
  4. It is composed of several slices of corrugated pillars that can add load force and reduce the manufacturing costs.
Product Characteristic
Conforming to the request for international environmental legislation.
100% Made from recycled materials, and totally recycling.
No fumigation costs, no heat-treatments, no insect pest, no discard disposal costs.
Heavy-duty and highly resisting bend load.
Special design of the foot that can be processed by any fork lifting devise, from any of the four sides.
Easy to fabricate, and no need any tools.
Designing and making to suit your needs.
The corrugated paper pallet can compete in loading capability with the wooden pallet and replace it.
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