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Duales System Deutschland GmbH
The Green Dot

Dual System:

The Green Dot – Duales System Deutschland GmbH


28 September 1990

Postal/Administrative headquarters:

Cologne-Porz, Germany


Blacksmith Holding S.à.r.l., Luxembourg.

Executive Board:

Stefan Schreiter (Chairman)

Robert Maurer

Advisory Board Chairman:

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Erich Greipl


306 employees (status 31 December 2006)


  • to avoid and recover sales packaging
  • to recover secondary raw materials and return them to the production loop in the interests of sustainability

Legal framework:

German Packaging Ordinance of 12 June 1991, the 4th amendment of which came into force in January 2006. In accordance with the provisions set forth in the Packaging Ordinance, Duales System Deutschland GmbH has exempted retailers and manufacturers from their individual obligation to take back used sales packaging by setting up a consumer-oriented collection system.


Private-enterprise organisation for collecting and sort-ing used sales packaging


  • to set up and operate a nationwide, consumer-oriented collection system
  • to submit annual evidence of the quantities that have been collected and recovered to the German State Environment Ministries (mass flow verification)

 Effects of the Dual System:

Total investment by the German business community:

over 20 billion euros

Jobs created:

approx. 17,000

Sorting plants for lightweight packaging:

approx. 170


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