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The Legislation of Environmental and Relevant Knowledge
The Greenpeace International released the 12th edition of Guide to Greener Electronics NO.22/2009

The Greenpeace International released the 12th edition of Guide to Greener Electronics that evaluated the 18 electronics companies.

Judging points
Whether the companies use the specific harmful substance in their products
Whether the companies take the responsibility of reclaiming from the discarded products.
To improve and practice the enterprise policies that concerning energy and the climate.

The rankings
The top three are the same as 11th edition, continued to hold the first place with 7.45 fen by Nokia, Samsung maintains the second place, and Sony Ericsson is in the third place.

Nokia got the higher appreciation because of their perfect product recycling project and they offer 5000 positions to recycle discarded cell phone in 84 countries They also offered the cell phone, which not include the polyvinyl chloride since the end of 2005.Nokia expect to offer bromine the cell-phone that not includes chemical compounds and chlorine of chemical compound since 2010, and their renewable energy utility rate goal in 2010 is 50%.

Since 2007/11 Samsung can offer LCD screen which not including the polyvinyl chloride. They can offer the cell-phone, which not include the bromine fire-retardant pharmaceutical and develop the halogen-free memory mould group.

It is main reasons promoted in Samsung mark to devote to reducing the gas that causes the greenhouse effects. Samsung promises all products since 2012 (Not only the computer, TV and cell-phone) will not be included all phthalates and beryllium compound of alloy chemical.

The improvement in the energy topic, which keeps Sony Ericsson on top 3. They devoted to reduce harmful chemical material in their product.

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