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Advantages and comparison chart
The advantages of paper pallet Elements of Good Paper Pallet

¡´Lightweight, safe, clean and easy to operate.

¡´No fumigation costs, no heat-treatments, no insect pests, no   discard disposal costs.

¡´100% Recycling, disposability and meet environmental   legislation.

¡´According with the demands for RoHS international   regulations.

¡´Lower price, saving shipping costs.

¡´Clear customs fast and more efficient¡C

¡´Promote the international images of enterprises.

¡´Global trend in the future.

¡´ Heavy-duty.

¡´ Curve resistant.

¡´ Strength bottom

¡´ 4-way entry and easier to operate.

¡´ Favorable price.

¡´ Loss at the time of operation.

¡´ It is easy for the package to change.

¡´ Nestable for compact storage.

The Li-on paper pallet V.S non-environmental pallets
  The Li-on paper pallet Non-environmental pallet
Wood plastic
Recyclable P x x
Environmental material P x x
Meet RoHS P x x
Safe, clean, nail-free P x P
Pest-free P x P
Contain the poisonous chemicals x x P
Fumigation exp., heat-treatment exp. x P x
Disposal costs x P P
Scrap value/income P x x
Eco-friendly P x x
Shipping costs low high high
The Li-on paper pallet V.S Other paper pallets
  Li-on paper pallet Corrugated paper pallet Honeycomb paper pallet
Strength bottom line P x x
Heavy-duty design P x x
Curve resistant P x x
DIY P x x
4-way entry P P P
Nestable for compact storage P x x
The Li-on paper pallet V.S environmental pallets
  Li-on paper pallet Plastic Metallic
Recyclable P x (part) P
Environmental material P x (part) P
Meet RoHS P x P
DIY P x x
Lightweight P P x
Contain the poisonous chemicals x P x
Nestable for compact Storage P x x
Price low high highest
Shipping costs low high highest
Material Paper HDPE, PP plastics Iron plate
  Shortcoming x It is apt to skid It is apt to skid, rust.
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