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The Production Procedure & Operation
Production Procedure

1.Corrugated Boardpaper

Using the high strength corrugated paper, binding and cutting out proper size to produce the suitable part of paper pallet.

2.Model development

The suitable size knife mold put on machine through the maximum pressure, the various beams and bottom foots is formed.

3.Binds processing

same shape papers after cutting out, are picked up and binding together according to the paper pallet¡¦s loading. So Li-on paper pallet is flexible and smart.

4.Assembly processing

Putting up each part of the paper pallet, these beams insert between each other, then cardboard lies on these beams, Li-on paper pallet was finished. The process does not need any tools as well as easier to finished.

5.Finished Products

Li-on paper pallet is an ideal and quality product. It is not only heavy-duty but also meet the tough export sanitation standards, like RoHS by SGS test. The Li-on paper pallet is unique.
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